PIN from VIN

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For not listed brands and unsupported vehicles you can use Dump to PIN service to calculate PIN code by dump.

VIN to PIN calculation list


VIN to PIN calculation for Chery (Chinese and Russian) models. This service supports 4 digit and 8 digit pincodes. For Chinese Chery / Qirui A5 & IQ you need to use 4 digit pin. Default pin code is '1111'.

Great Wall

PIN from VIN calculation for Great Wall models. This service supports 4 digit/character and 8 digit pincodes.


VIN to PIN calculation for Qirui (Chinese models) with Siemens immobilizer system. This service supports 4 digit and 8 digit pincodes. Default pin code is '1111'.


PIN by VIN for Geely models with 4 or 8 char pincodes.


Hyundai PIN to VIN service. It supports SMARTRA-2 (used on vehicles made before 2007) and SMARTRA-3 (used on vehicles made after 2007) (coverage may not be 100%). You have a chance the mechanical keycode (for keycutting machines) is also available.


Calculate KIA PIN code by VIN using this service. It supports SMARTRA-2 and SMARTRA-3 (coverage may not be 100%). If the lock / key cut code is stored in our database it will be available while calculating.

Saab (PIN code)

Saab (Security code)

To calculate PIN or Security (SEC) code by VIN for Saab 9-3 you need to enter full VIN. Our database contains codes of Saab 9-3 vehicles made between 2003-2008.

Smart keycut code

You can calculate MCC Smart mechanical KEY cutting code by VIN for models between 1998-2015. This service is useful for locksmiths and keycutting. Supported WMI's are: WME, TCC

TAN codes for Teach-in KEY again for Smart

Calculate Smart "Tech-in KEY again" TAN code by DAS request code (STAR Diagnosis DAS Key Teach-in) for key teaching / key learning. You need to enter 9 character code number (separated with dashes). For example: 52T-HWH-ABC

TAN codes for SAM Assignment for Smart

Calculate SAM Assignment TAN code by VIN. This TAN code is required to synchronize SAM "Carry out control unit assignment" of MCC Smart vehicles. For example in cases when synchronization of SAM-unit was lost and when the car does not start after the key learning procedure.

Latin GM (General Motors)

Latin Chevrolet

Latin Opel / Vauxhall

Latin Holden

VIN to PIN calculations for: Latin Chevrolet, Latin Opel / Vauxhall, Latin Holden, Latin GM are only designed for Latin vehicles, which are manufactured by General Motors and made in Brasil, Mexico, Argentina etc. (Latin = South America). Please note VIN coverage may not be 100%, this service covers only some 2000-2010 models. Beside immo code (PIN), it is possible that also key cutting code, radio code and/or alarm code are stored in our database. If these information are stored then you can obtain these codes.

Scania Encryption key code to PIN (6 digit code)

In all keys lost situation you need to enter Scania immo PIN Code (6 digits).
Our service can help you to decrypt/obtain PIN code from the encrypted key code.
To calculate PIN Code enter 12 chars of Encrypted Key Code. Example: 0A 1B 2C 3D 4E 5F

INPA ISN (for EWS) to 8 bytes (16 hexdigits) ISN

Convert INPA ISN (1,2 or 3 hex digit ISN) to 8 byte (16 digit) ISN. Some call this conversion "8-bit code calculation". This code is required for emulators which only accept 8 byte ISN (16 chars). Use this option to calculate emulator values for BMW with EWS II & III (3.2) systems.

It is easy to obtain ISN: Connect BMW INPA Tool (BMW diagnostics software) and find the ISN (ISN fuer EWS / ISN for EWS).

Suzuki ECM seed to PIN (4 digit pin)

Maruti ECM seed to PIN (4 digit pin)

Also known as SEED2PIN / BCM Seed to PIN calculation. For the newest models you can calculate 4 digit PIN code for key learning (key programming) by 20 characters code from ECM (Engine Control Module). You can read seed / encrypted ID code of ECM unit by some diagnostic tools.

JCB ServiceMaster Challenge to Response value

Keys, immobilizer function and machine keypad codes for JCB machines are restricted for security reasons. You need to calculate Response value from the Challenge at "Security Unlock" window.
To calculate Security Unlock Response you need to enter all 16 chars of Challenge value (dash separated).
This function is also known as Challenge to Response value (JCB ServiceMaster).
Example of Challenge value: 0F13-0DF7-2F35-0003

Nissan BCM seed to PIN (20 chars code)

Infiniti BCM seed to PIN (20 chars code)

Also known as BCM2PIN version 2.0, SEED2PIN / BCM Seed to PIN calculation. For newer Nissan and Infiniti models you need to calculate PIN by 20 hex digit/character code (0-9A-F).

Nissan BCM/IMMU to PIN

Infiniti BCM/IMMU to PIN

Also known as BCM2PIN / BCM label to PIN calculation. Get the 4 digit old (before 2009) and new pincodes (after 2009) by 5 digit BCM (Body Control Module) / IMMU (Immobilizer Unit) Serial Number.

Nissan GloveBox to PIN (12 digit pin)

Calculate 12 digit pin by Glove box Label Serial Number.
Supported Nissan models are based on Nissan-Renault B platform, such as C11, E12, K12, Micra, Note, Latio, Versa, Tiida and others.

AD100/T300/MVP OUTcode to INcode

Outcode to Incode Calculator for: AD100 (Advanced-Diagnostics), AUT0MAN, T300, MVP (Multi Vehicle Programmer).
Calculate 8 digit Incode By Outcode. Incode is required in last step (as verification code). The code will work for Acura, Ford, Honda, Mazda, Toyota, Lexus, Jaguar and other cars.

Valeo (key fob) Serial to Barcode

Calculate Valeo (used fob key) Barcode By Serial

Enter 6 digit code (printed on label) inside the key fob, to recover (full) barcode.
18 digit barcode tag is required for programming Valeo fob (remote) keys.

Barcode must be entered without the first 2 and last 2 digits and confirmed with the relative button.

Supported car brands: Mini, Land Rover, MG Rover, etc..

If you wish you can change the default X (Mini) fob barcode prefix tag to:
U - Mini
C - MG Rover
0 - MG Rover, Land Rover, Mini
N - MG Rover, Land Rover
G - Land Rover (EU)
H - Land Rover (South Africa)
J - Land Rover (North America)
M - Suspension remote
For example Land Rover (EU): *X380D1C380D1BFFX* *FFFFFFFFC7F2E31* change to *G380D1C380D1BFFX* *FFFFFFFFC7F2E31*
Note: These prefixes are guesses. If one doesn't work after an attempt then try another.

Mazda (PIN by LUCAS immo S/N)

Calculate pin code by LUCAS (immobilizer) S/N.
To calculate immobilizer (PIN) code for models with MECS (Mazda Engine Control System), enter 10 digit serial number from LUCAS label which starts with the number 5 or 6.

Dacia - PIN by Key tag (4 digit pin)

Renault - PIN by Key tag (4 digit pin)

With PIN Code by Key Tag you can calculate 4 digit immobilizer/emergency code for Renault/Dacia by entering serial number from label inside the key. Serial number is printed on label (yellow or white), PCB or written inside plastic case.

Megane IR Siemens - 5 character code: S1111 - SUUUU
Sagem Transponder RF - 8 character code: A0000000 - EZZZZZZZ
Siemens Transponder - 8 character code: YR000000 - YXXXXXXX
Twingo IR TRW - 7 character code: WBAAABA - WZZZYZZ
Valeo IR (old) - 5 character code: 00000 - 88888
Valeo IR - 7 character code: P000000 - VFFFFFF
Valeo Transponder IR - 8 character code: ZR000000 - ZXXXXXXX
Valeo Transponder RF - 8 character code: FR000000 - FXXXXXXX

Renault Clip - After Sales Reprog. code

To calculate "After Sales Reprogramming code" (at Reprogram a Computer) enter 6 digit request code.

Ford V Series Serial to PIN (radio code)

Also known as "Ford V Series Radio PIN Code by S/N". To calculate PIN code for Ford V Series radio models, enter serial number. V Series serial number starts with letter V and followed by 6 digits.

You can find the serial number on the radio sticker/label.
Turn on the radio and hold the buttons 1 & 6 for 3 seconds, the cycle will begin. Wait until the SN (Serial Number) is shown and make a picture of it (or write it down).
In case 1 & 6 buttons do not work, try button combination 2 & 6.

In some cases the serial number is connected to the end of a larger serial. For example:
SOCD1X7V123456 in that case note V123456

Ford M Series Serial to PIN (radio code)

Also known as "Ford M Series Radio PIN Code by S/N". To calculate PIN code for Ford M Series radio models, enter serial number. M Series serial number starts with letter M and followed by 6 or 7 digits.

You can find the serial number on the radio sticker/label.
Turn on the radio and hold the buttons 2 & 6 for 3 seconds.

Mitsubishi - Default PIN by Model Name

Calculate default immobilizer (PIN) code for Mitsubishi by entering the first 4 chars of model name.

Mitsubishi Carisma, you need to enter: CARI

Suzuki - Default PIN by Model Name

Obtain default PIN code for Suzuki by model.

Suzuki Swift+, just enter: SWIF

Default PIN code can be changed by using an diagnostic scanner. In this case you will need to calculate PIN code by dump.
DISCLAIMER: This service is supplied only for not moving cars. We will not be responsible for any direct and indirect damages from the use of the file created by this service/page.
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