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Mercedes Seed-Key Calculator for Vediamo and Monaco

Mercedes Seed Key Calculator for Vediamo and Monaco

UPDATE: Supports approximately ~1400 algorithms!

This Seed-Key Calculator is designed to unlock Mercedes-Benz (Daimler) controllers in different security levels to get access to critical diagnostic procedures and functions.
This software is specifically designed to work with Vediamo and DTS Monaco.

Supported software: DTS Monaco and Vediamo.

Supported features: unlock Variantenkodierung (Variant coding), Coding, Reprogramming, CBF, SMR-D and many others.

Supported equipment: C4/SDconnect, Xentry VCI, eCOM Box (Daimler AG Version) and many others

DISCLAIMER: This service is supplied only for not moving cars. We will not be responsible for any direct and indirect damages from the use of the file created by this service/page.
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* Rules:
  • Don't share your account information
  • Don't flood the server with heavy requests
  • Don't provide Files / PIN / KEY codes to third-party (forums/internet/etc..)
or else your account get locked and NO REFUND!

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