Bosch MD1CS003 / MG1CS042 Immo Remover (OFF) Tool


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Tools like FLEX add "MCUID" between underscores in the filename, and it starts with a 4.
TIP: You can reuse your token for the same MCUID in case of bad read, ECU update or browser bug causing 0 byte download.
Use this powerful tool for immo off Bosch MD1CS003 / MG1CS042 without emulator!

Tested ECU: Bosch MD1CS003, Bosch MG1CS042
Engine: 1.5 Ecotec D, 1.5 Turbo D, 1.5 BlueHDi, 1.5 D-4D, 1.5 (diesel), 1.6 THP PureTech GPF (Hybrid2 / Hybrid4)
Tested vehicle brands: Opel, PSA (Citroen, Peugeot)
Tested models:
Citroen: Berlingo, C3, C3 aircross, C4, C4 Cactus / Space Tourer, C5 aircross, DS3 Crossback, DS7 Crossback, Jumpy III, DS9
Opel: Astra K-FL, Combo, Corsa F, Crossland X, Grandland X, Insignia Grand Sport, Mokka, Vivaro, Zafira Life
Peugeot: 2008, 208, 3008, 308 (Phase 2), 5008, 508 (Phase 3 / Sport Engineered), Expert / Traveller 3, Partner, Rifter
Possible compatible models, UNTESTED:
DS: DS7 Crossback, DS9
Fiat: Scudo
Toyota: ProAce, ProAce City
Secma: Secma F16 Turbo

Some FAQs:

When should I choose the 'Manual MCU ID' option?

Use this option if your tool does not include MCU ID in the dump file. Some tools, like Trasdata, may not include this information in the dump.

When should I choose the 'MCU ID from filename' option?

Tools like FLEX will include the MCU ID in the filename, sandwiched between underscores. For example 'psa_bosch_md1cs003_tc298tp_bench_fullbackup_4180128456789abcdef5432100000000_20240101011234_int_flash.bin', this option will automatically read the MCUID from this filename.

What is MCU ID?

MCUID is a unique 16-byte chip identifier for TriCore MCUs, usually starting with the digit 4. Some tools may not read it correctly. We recommend using KESS3, and it's important to specify the MCUID of the ECU. Tools such as FLEX will put MCUID in the filename, you'll find it between underscores, for example 'tc298tp_4080123456789ABCDEF5432100000000_20240101011234.bin'.

Can I use the generated immo off file in multiple ECUs?

No, our IMMO OFF solution is locked to the MCUID.

Do I need to enter a new token for an ECU I've already performed an immo off on?

No, you can reuse the same token. The MCUID will be registered in our database and linked to your token.This is particularly useful in the case of a bad read (corrupt dump), ECU update or browser bug causing 0 byte download.
NOTE: This is the beta release! If any trouble contact us by email.

DISCLAIMER: This service is supplied only for not moving cars. We will not be responsible for any direct and indirect damages from the use of the file created by this service/page.
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