Special Gift (HOT!!):
FREE ECU TOOL (for customer who purchased 10 Tokens or more): Including ReNew (virginize) option for old (used) ECU's for re-use. Currently supported Mercedes-Benz ECU's (BONUS-section) are: A000, A612, A613, A022, A024, A628, A628, A646, ME2.0, ME2.7, ME2.8, ME9.7, MR1, SIM4LE A000, SIM4LE A111, SIM4LKE A271.
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UPDATE: ALL EZS chips are supported now: HC05, HC08, HC12, 9S12, NEC (auto detection)!

Using this service/page you can calculate (generate) up to 8 keys by yourself from EIS/EZS dump only (without removing any part).

MB Key programming (HOW-TO):
1. Read out EIS / EZS data and save the result (dump).
2. Upload the dump to this service/page.
3. Calculate the keys.
4. Download the key dumps.
5. Flash/Write the key MCU with a key dump (using a NEC programmer).
6. Start the car using the new key! Sometimes you have to place the key about five times in EIS/EZS, each time around 5 seconds (just the first time).

How to read EIS /EZS data: Read with tools such as: ETL universal, CAS3/9S12X Programmer, IR-programmer, Xprog-M, Rosfar R260, NEC reader, MB key prog etc..

How to write Motorola MCU (.021 key): Flash with tools such as: Xprog-M, ETL universal, orange5, UPA etc..

How to write NEC MCU (.051 key): Flash with tools such as: NEC key programmer etc..

Watch out for clone devices (they are not recommended) for writing a NEC key! If the (re)writing doesn't work, try to write the dump on a blank / virgin NEC chip.

DISCLAIMER: This service is supplied only for not moving cars. We will not be responsable for any direct and indirect damages from the use of the file created by this service/page.

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