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MEV17, MEDV17, MEVD17, EDC17 & MED17: IMMO OFF by Flash Dump


Special Gift (HOT!):
FREE ECU TOOL (for customer who purchased 10 Tokens or more): BOSCH EDC17/MED17/MEV17 VIRGINIZER (RECODER) + BONUS, there is an option to immo off VAG EDC17/MED17 ECU's in EEPROM (CHECKSUM CALCULATION IS REQUIRED).
Demonstration Video: removed :(
TIP: If EDC17 option doesn't work for your ECU then try 'Generic IMMO-OFF' option
05-2018: Added 'Generic IMMO-OFF (BOSCH MEV17 / MEVD17 / EDC17)'.
Tested on BMW + MINI MEVD17, Mahindra EDC17C55, Ford/Jaguar/Land Rover EDC17, PSA (Peugeot & Citroën) MEV17, Hyundai EDC17C8, Volvo EDC17, Suzuki ME17.8.XX FAL.
04-2016: EDC17C11 bug fixed.
08-2014: TP (TPROT) OFF & Dash Fix added!
09-2014: MED17.5.1 (SPANSION Flash) bug fixed.

** What does TP (Tuning Protection) Off mean?
When Tuning Protection is OFF you can (re)flash the (VAG) ECU via ODB (On-board diagnostics). This option also prevents that the ECU locks it self after 10+ starts (as is case with other "EDC17 off"-software). THIS OPTION SHOULD SOLVE THE PROBLEM!

*** What does Dash Fix mean?
When you select this option, your flash file will be remapped and immobilizer malfunction message at the instrument cluster should be fixed.

Fix for cases when starter doesn't work:
Find the starter relay and connect relay wires to starter crank.

Fix for malfunction at Dash info display:
For troubleshooting Delete DTC P1570 (Engine Start Blocked by Immobilizer).
For "Key not found": Place a transponder near to the ignition antenna. It is not necessary to use the original transponder, also an empty transponder can be used.

How to read/write Tricore WITHOUT (DE)SOLDERING!: Read & Flash in Boot-Mode (bootloader mode) with tools such as: CMDFlash, DimSport Genius V2, FGTech Galletto, Kess V2, K-TAG, MAGPro2 X17, etc. Before writing choose option checksum correction.

Supported vehicle brands: Audi, Citroen, Fiat, Ford, Iveco, Hyundai, KIA, Peugeot, Porsche, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen, VAG, PSA and MORE..

Supported Bosch ECU's (partnumbers): EDC17U01, EDC17U05, EDC17C08, EDC17CP10, EDC17CP14, EDC17CP20, EDC17CP44, EDC17C46, EDC17CP49, EDC17CP52, EDC17C55, MEV17.4, MEDV17, MED17.1, MED17.5, MEVD 17.2.3, EDC17C8, EDC17CP05, EDC17CP11, EDC17CXX, EDC17CPXX and more?? (And All Others -> You can try it, it is in testing phase/stage. This immo off solution should work for any EDC17 which has flash inside processor.)
DISCLAIMER: This service is supplied only for not moving cars. We will not be responsible for any direct and indirect damages from the use of the file created by this service/page.
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* Rules:
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