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04-2022: Added 'Find & Replace' Transfer Options.
03-2022: Added 'Toggle dark mode' button, file size and file names.
03-2022: Added 'copy to clipboard' button
03-2022: Supports files up to 5MB
NOTE: Future update: If there is a lot of demand then we'll port the code in the next version to Python and use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to recognize maps for chiptuning and SRS reset.

Transfer ori-mod changes to dump: This powerful tool is meant for transferring differences (between original and modified file) into your own file. You can use this tool for DPF off, EGR off, cleaning and resetting airbag crashes, disabling immobilizer (without encryption and CRC), copy-past chip tuning etc.. This is the best and most user-friendly online differences patch tool ever.
Save your time using this tool to transfer changes between two files (original and modified) into a 3th file!

Important: For some units the HW and SW versions should match and in some cases you need to correct checksum in modified dumps.

Show differences only (FULL): This is the best online hex comparison tool (also known as hexcompare, diffchecker, hexdiff etc.) which visually compares the hex content of two dump files in a side-by-side layout. It displays binary file content byte-by-byte, using the hexadecimal notation typical of hex editors.

You can use this utility to compare and identify differences between two binary files to discover algorithm secrets (airbag reset, Chip Tuning, DPF off, EGR off, immobilizer disabling etc.). The differencing output format is red color-coded hexadecimal.
You can browse/jump to differences and change the view to hide matching rows.

Important: If you have low RAM then your browser can freeze when you upload 4MB+ dumps.

Show differences only (LITE): This is a very light weight version of show differences (compare tool). For 4MB+ files this version is recommended. Because only relevant results will be shown, so the matching bytes will get ignored and only modified rows/lines will be showed.

DISCLAIMER: This service is supplied only for not moving cars. We will not be responsible for any direct and indirect damages from the use of the file created by this service/page.
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  • Don't share your account information
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  • Don't provide Files / PIN / KEY codes to third-party (forums/internet/etc..)
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