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Currently HDS V3.015 (and probably above) is NOT SUPPORTED, because of the new algorithm. We'll add it asap when we discover the new algo.

The calculated PCM Code is only valid for the calculation day!**
** UPDATE: Because of time zones (time differences) 3 PCM codes will be calculated (for previous day, current day and next day)

** UPDATE 2: 1st Password, 2nd Password and HIM Unlock Password calculations has been added!

Calculate Honda & Acura (PCM, 1st Pass, 2nd Pass and HIM unlock) Access codes by VIN for HDS (Honda Diagnostic System).

1st Password: Required for adding new keys or clearing old/lost keys.
2nd Password: Also known as Release Password, it is required in cases when you've entered wrong codes.
HIM Unlock Password
4-digit PCM Code Required in cases all keys are lost or PCM (Powertrain Control Module) / ECM replacement.

Supported features: PCM/ECM initialization and Key programming

Supported equipment: Honda Diagnostic System (HDS)

- Don't share your account information
- Don't flood the server with heavy requests
- Don't provide PIN / KEY codes to third-party (forums/internet/etc..)
or else your account get locked and NO REFUND!

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